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ABS Gladiator Gaming Pc Intel i7 10700k - Geforce RTX 3080 Review, Buying Guide

Today, we will have a look at the pre-built gaming PC from ABS Gladiator featuring about the top of the line specifications. We make sure that you can accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience related to picking out the ABS Gladiator gaming PC in the near future. In other words, let’s get started with a piece of valuable information below.

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Specifications of ABS gladiator gaming PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming PC

  • CPU: i9-10850K 10 core and 20 thread
  • Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix Z490E
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 8.27 x 17.32


This gaming PC is far from the great bang for the buck at this moment, but it is even a particularly sturdy value since you take a wide range of better upgrades you can save a lot of pennies and fetch a system with 16GB of RAM rather than 32. However, from our perspective, it is specifically pretty to get that 32GB of RAM, especially if you intend to stream or want to future-proof your system.

There are a lot of titles that can take advantage of 32GB of RAM, such as Microsoft flight simulator, but like a lot of games come out that want more RAM; it can be pretty good getting that 32 RAM.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 vs AMD 6800 XT

If you browse around the market for a PC currently, you will decide whether you need an NVIDIA or an AMD GPU. As for AMD, most noticeably you get the 6800 XT being the direct opponent to the 3080. From the double GPUs, they are super close to performance in general; but the AMD GPU takes 50 bucks less retail price.

Besides, the ray-tracing performance of the NVIDIA RTX 3080 is higher than the AMD 6800 XT, and then also understand that DLSS might particularly boost your efficiency in an immediate way, compared to AMD’s fidelity that does not run around DLSS 2.0. Overall, if both GPUs are in stock, we would certainly select the RTX 3080 due to RTX and DLSS

At the time, we understand that there are not some games to benefit from RTX and DLSS, but the thing is RTX and DLSS are going to be run in most games in the near future. If you need to be the most future proof possible, we suppose that the RTX 3080 is a mildly good graphics card around 50 dollars.

Cable management

The cable management in this gaming PC is quite acceptable, but not great if you do get other loose wires at the back. However, the crucial thing here is that from the front; it is a better look with all things tucked away quite neatly. Honestly, we reckon that they might have used some zip ties to tame the wires at the back; but it is simple to add if you need to do this after you fetch the gaming PC.

Ports and case

When it comes to the ports, we provide three USBs in the front, the headphone microphone port, and an LED control button that permits you to rapidly move through the LED functions. On the other hand, you might shift faster through the LEDs and most LEDs are tied together; but some of them are not.

You need to remember that some of them might request taking that remote or the onboard software. It’s an armory crate to be capable of changing the color of those LEDs. In general, we love keeping this type of the default color look. Next, in the back, we get 9 USBs (four USB 3.2 gen 2 ports and double USB 3.2 gen 1 port as well as one USB type-C).

Currently, we also see the Wifi 6 antenna ports, then we even get a SPDIF out and headphone jacks. On the GPU, you can realize double HDMI and three display ports, so you might do like a thousand displays out of that GPU which you enjoy.

On top of it, this gaming PC Setup does come with the 750W PSU (Power supply) that is sufficient for you to do pretty overclocking with the CPU and to potentially perhaps upgrade the GPU in the near future based on if you want dramatically more wattage so far.

It is a 320W GPU that is an insane amount of wattage on the GPU. As far as upgrading the storage, we do get 1TB PCIe SSD situated in the motherboard and the motherboard equips with a little heat shield so that you might not particularly realize it here. If you want to add more extra storage via HDDs, you can take off the back panel. There are a double of HDD slots down here.

Benchmarks & Performance

Now, let’s look at the benchmarks and performance of ABS Gladiator gaming PC. First of all, we get 3Dmark time spy graphics about 16700, particularly trouncing the competition of portable computers from old generations. Next, we can obtain 6.69 points per dollar so if you were to purchase the laptop at this moment. Now, you would perhaps take fewer points per dollar than what you obtain with this gaming PC.

On top of it, as for the Cinebench r20 test, we can get a score of 53.05 throttled. We also obtained approximately 5700 points pre-throttled with the previous boost to the CPU power that we predict. If you were to overclock that system, you would take a bit of extra performance.

Next, we did test out Cinebench r23 initially with that gaming PC, so we do not have any PC to make a comparison with it. However, we took 13531 points. Now, we did a 4K render with handbrake and it did take a greater time than all portable computers.

Stress Test & Thermals

We also did an expandable stress test in which we measured it within 10 minutes for the test and then again later on around one hour with the test. The great news there is that the temperatures are super stable, a bit manageable, and low overall with both CPU and GPU.

The GPU that is pushing out like 320W of power which is a ton of power is particularly 62 degrees Celsius. Suppose that we are even maxing out the CPU usage at once; the CPU temperature is quite higher around 78 degrees. However, that is even good for manageable temperatures, and the best thing there is that it offers you overclocking headroom. Because most of the games will not affect the system as hard as that dual load stress test. Thus, you are going to be considering even better temperatures than those in the vast majority. of games that are fabulous double huge thumbs up for the thermals.

Because it could manage to maintain thermals via a one-hour loop. As far as clock speed moves, we controlled 1891 on the clock speed for both CPU and GPU that we controlled 4.7GHz consistently, which is super excellent; though we want to point out that the CPU frequency can drop during rendering video.

We ensure that due to the nature of how the gaming stress physics test operates versus hard coding a video file. It is quite hard on the system when you render a video file. Next, we get the throttled power limits for the CPU and the GPU. The excellent news here is we are hitting the highest power limits on the CPU and GPU.

In other words, we want to clarify that we get a water-cooled system out there with a double fan installed on the top. That is how you greatly need to set up the water-cooled CPU. As you want that pump to get access to and need something to flow appropriately.

In brief, it is a great overall installation for the CPU cooler which claims we do particularly get double fans there for the airflow with this chassis. Besides, we get three fans in the front pulling air inside the system and also bring double fans on the top pushing air out. The one fan in the back can push air out as well. In general, we love the overall airflow of that chassis and the fact that we were able to control the exact similar temperature for a whole hour is double huge thumbs up.

Closing Ideas

That’s all about the ABS Gladiator gaming PC. We ensure that you can learn a lot about the ABS gaming PC and know how to choose the perfect one in the future. Finally, if you have any difficulties, please put your thoughts in the box below. We will try our best to support you whenever and wherever you need.