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Asus Vivobook Pro 17 Review 2022: Is the ASUS VivoBook 17 Pro good ?

Most general or home-usage portable computers can not get the capacity or enough upgrading choices to meet the temptation of gaming keeners. We would like to invite you to surf the whole Asus Vivobook Pro 17 laptop on the current market.

They specifically want a laptop or notebook that bears a lot of similarities with the gaming console in terms of feature and efficiency. In addition to that, the gaming portable computer supplies various daily personal or official demands such as making documents, presentations, adjustable pictures, and even streaming a lot of videos.

At this moment, gaming laptops are the newest sensation. A big number of clients and gaming specialists all over the world are affected by ultra-high gaming notebooks for their great attributes and availability of top-end graphics processors below the hood.

If you are among these gaming keeners for whom high-quality attributes are the main issue while budget is the next one, you might test the fabulous spec information of this laptop, an awful gaming portable computer before searching for various brands or versions.

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One might not see the better flavor of gaming if it is not enjoyed by tracking the whole game on a huge and bright display. The Vivobook pro 17 laptop offers you a similar feeling by its 17.3-inch display with 1080p resolution.

It is a leading gaming notebook with a huge IPS screen panel to make you enjoy gaming, binging films, or having many video calls. A number of key points are here to be focused on before making a purchase of a laptop, aside from display.

Next, its ultimate power control is run with the newest 8th gen Intel Core i7 chipset and 16GB of RAM to ensure high efficiency each time. There are a lot of various striking advantages you can obtain from the VivoBook Pro 17 that are focused on in this post.


  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8565U
  • Graphics: 10-series GTX
  • Hard drive: 1TB
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Screen size: 17.3 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10.


ASUS sits as among the professional producers of ultimate Ultrabooks and uniquely shown gaming notebooks. For a long time, a varied list of their versions; you might seek out the true value laptops run by the brand in various years.

The Asus’ reason to make the score higher as time proceeds is the durability of the portable computers provided by the Asus brand. As far as gaming laptops are focused on, they are smartly built for conveying a better gaming experience to gamers of all levels.

The gaming notebooks greatly support the amateurs in that aspect when taking the efficiency of online gaming specialists right away to a higher level. They can be loaded with a number of user-friendly attributes and fashionable properties like the newest processing part, and strong graphics.


This Vivobook Pro 17 notebook might be similar to uncompromising efficiency. You can consider the same if you cast a better look around its hardware attributes. The newest 8th gen processor can lie with the core of its hardware design to convey a better efficiency through heavier activities or fabulous gaming.

The chipset with 8M cache does around the highest speed of 4.6GHz to prevent unexpected lag. You are not wrong in a path of hoping for the availability of the gaming-grade graphics processor in the typical gaming notebook.

Apart from it, this has brought NVIDIA GTX 10 series graphics cards to defeat various variants in its class. Besides, getting around 4GB RAM, the GPU makes sure flawless and vibrant visuals during efficient graphical power is more than sufficient to add with the gaming skills and stimulate you in high gaming in case you are an amateur player.

On top of CPU and GPU, that laptop shows an outstanding cooling system to speed up strong and hassle-free efficiency at times of gaming races or various loading. Its streamlined double fan design can own 8 auto manageable speeds to offer enhanced cooling performance while making the minimal sound.

The great fans are crucial for making the GPU or CPU cool, thus strengthening unpleasant smooth efficiency for long hours.


You can enjoy this version at first glance due to its streamlined design and lightweight body. Through the ground, the gadget is particularly distinctive from its siblings and different laptop variants. Its outdoor vibrant appearance can be merged with a similar internal panel from the lid to the keyboard.

The lid and the laptop’s interior are produced from higher power brushed aluminum, while the external base is derived from black or plastic. The sleek type of aluminum offers it a better look that even adds to your preference.

Besides, the notebook is quite portable since it weighs around 4.85 pounds. Its slimy texture can take simplicity to conveniently suit the backpack.


The laptop brings around a 17.3-inch 1080p IPS display that comes with a better resolution of full HD display. There is no need to claim that the notebook is supported by the best-in-class resolution attributes and great visuals.

Next, powered by 178 degrees of wide view tech, the screen is visible from direction and stimulates you to enjoy common gaming titles with the best buddies together. Also, owing to its 1080p resolution, you can find the visuals utmost crystal-clear. That is particularly crucial to make a big impression during experiencing hot, interesting gaming titles.

The hybrid display tech even provides ultimate, and precise colors for any type of media file. The screen can cover around the total sRGB color gamut and that is the main reason why colors appear rich, particularly while the high color calibration is being taken.

Consequently, the display with its engineering attributes is specifically appropriate for the job of web designing and gaming.

Storage attributes

The next factor on our list is storage attributes. On the other hand, it takes up around 16GB of RAM that accompanies the strong processor in conveying hybrid multi-tasking without any lag. The RAM’s size is justifiable with that gadget to assist heavier gaming or multimedia-related activities.

At once, the 16GB of RAM can be simple to complete all the pending activities for some fixed hours or less than that. You can show your astonishment to realize the Pro 17 gaming laptop is well-equipped with top-end storage attributes.

The mixture of double storage choices currently in the gadget contains around 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD (Hard disk drive). From the highest rotational speed, the hard drive offers you huge space to store a wide range of interesting gaming titles.

You could simply make a library of a variety of videos, movies, and even more various vital documents.

Battery life

The discussed gaming portable computer is specifically built to make the productivity and gaming experience to a higher level. The system can extract its vital power from the Lithium-ion battery of great capacity. As it is a gaming notebook that comes with around a 17-inch IPS display panel; it tends to drain out the whole juice of its battery for some hours, particularly for heavier use.

But interestingly, the leading capacity battery assists quick charging tech. You can get the battery charged so rapidly to 65% in one hour or less.

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What do clients think?

Our specialists discussed Asus Vivobook Pro 17, clients, and their views out there. Some customers have moved their opinions that greatly differ. The reviews are miscellaneous, the mixtures of negative or positive choices.

Based on others, the battery life is hardly durable, whereas a lot of clients depreciate its fan noise and low standards’ keyboard. Others get the issue with the trackpad being unresponsive at any time. However, those are other minor disadvantages that can not be similar to all.

Specialists’ view

Based on the notebook test, it is not a value position, but in the other words, it is head-turning for the attributes. It is certainly getting most of the great attributes for daily efficiency. It is quite lightweight, slimy and at once, it is fabulous with color with better viewing angles.

Next, it can get substandard and poor battery life. The PC Verge is equipped with around 16GB of RAM with high GPU and ideal connectivity choices. That is among the laptops which are getting a fabulous design. Even the various designs and beneficial ports are offering you good assistance. However, life might not be simple without an ideal battery of itself.

Pros and Cons


  • It offers a quick quad-core processor.
  • This laptop is slimy.
  • It has a lot of storage.
  • It provides a better screen.


  • It has a low battery.
  • It might run hot.

Final thoughts

The Asus Vivobook Pro 17 released from Asus can be the one to take up a position for the writer’s option group. That is among the common mid-range 17-inch portable computers available at this moment.

Its strong build quality and great chassis have switched the gadget into a crucial travel accessory. Loaded with additional ordinary attributes, this notebook is specifically suggested for your higher hunt.

You might know with all the vital performance attributes for that laptop, it is straightforwardly providing a better way with a 17-inch screen. It is particularly providing a perfect vibrant slimy body that is grabbing all attention as well. In truth, those are easily bringing a general pretty portable computer, but in the other words, it is lagging behind the battery power.