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Corsair One A200 Compact Gaming Pc Review 2022

As for an entire bunch of reasons, RTX 3080 might be the strongest-to-find personal computer parts since last year. However, Corsair has mixed them for a convenient and compact bundle it calls the version. The plant’s vertically-oriented one PC appeared in 2018 and has been frequently supported to suit the existing high-end parts. That time around, the choices contain either AMD or Intel processors (the latter called the One i200), and Nvidia’s penultimate client GPU like 3080.

Not much has altered for the system’s design, other than the USB Type-C port’s addition upfront. However, thanks to liquid cooling handling thermals for either CPU or graphics in a compact package, there is a particular reason to alter what was one of the ideal gaming PCs for people who need something small.

In short, we would like to invite you to visit this article related to the Corsair One A200 compact gaming PC. Let’s get started now.


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Corsair One A200 Compact Gaming Pc Review



Like the One i160 version we glanced at of 2019, this Corsair One A200 is a super-compact tower of matte-black metal with RGB lines running down its front. To obtain the feeling of how small that operation is compared to more old gaming rigs, we named Aurora 11 “super compact” when we tested it.

Next, the 750W SFX power supply of the A200 can be mounted in the bottom, pulling with air which is released on the top with the assistance of the fan. The heat from the CPU or GPU even gets discharged out the top. All parts are liquid-cooled with more radiators mounted towards the side panels and air taking dawn in via them with the assistance of the big main fan of the lid.

The key external distinction by the recent A200 over valuable versions is the substitution of the HDMI port which is utilized to live upfront around the mic or headphone and the combination of USB-A ports. It might be substituted with the USB-C port. That gets with three front-facing USB ports, a strange amount of front-panel connection for the operation, quite compact. However, there are a lot of USB ports nearby.

In general, when the One A200’s design is super familiar at this moment, it even seems and is fabulous with all the external panels made out of metal. Just highlight that the matte finish can simply get finger smudges.

Upgradability and ports

As the Corsair One A200 is constructed with a compact Mini-ITX motherboard, you might not obtain a similar amount of ports which you can hope with a huge desktop. Because we summarized the three USB ports and audio jack up the front, let’s glance at the back.

Asrock board even contains a combination of video connectors, but as you might need to use the ports with RTX 3080 as well, Corsair has avoided them behind the I/O plate so that other users might not understand that they are here.

The video connectivities from RTX 3080 graphic card live around the Corsair SF750 power supply and are equipped with the type of DisplayPort 1.4a ports or the one HDMI 2.1 connector.

When it comes to internal upgradability, you could take all of the components if you are convenient in dismantling pricey PC hardware. However, you might not add the RAM or storage without swapping out what’s here (or without taking it out of the motherboard). Being claimed, the 32GB of RAM, and 2TB of the hard drive which is there are parts’ potent cadre. If you want a lot of RAM and storage, we will clarify it.

To move into the Corsair A200, you do not grab any tools, but you might need to be quite cautious. Firstly, hit the button in the case’s rear top (you get to hit it super hard) and the top that even houses the fan, might pop up. However, before you do with it, you should be careful for it’s attached through the fan cable which you could disconnect after initially fishing the plug out from the hole into the case.

To get access to the system’s rest, you might get to take out double screws from every side. However, you need to be cautious as radiators can be attached to all side panels through short tubes so that the sides are quite upside-down gull-wing doors. You might not particularly eliminate them without disconnecting the cooling plates between GPU and CPU.

Gaming performance

By the RTX 3080 and AMD’s 12-core Ryzen 9 executing the game show into the Corsair one A200 – we hoped that Corsair’s compact power tower could deal with high frame ratios. When the Corsair One A200 could not move away from the fabulous challenge, it was nearly in the lead-in for our gaming tests. That is all the more perfect given that some of the systems it can defeat are higher.

First of all, as for the Tomb Raider benchmark, the game executed around 148 fps at FHD (full high display) and 58 fps at 4K for the Corsair One A200. Next, in GTA 5, the Corsair operation fundamentally repeated its traditional efficiency, tying the MSI machine around full HD and pulling one frame ahead of both MSI and Omen at 4K.

When it comes to the Far Cry New Dawn benchmark, the MSI Aegis boosted towards the Full HD with 12 fps, but the One A200 even controlled to stick with the HP and MSI systems around 4K.

Productivity performance

When the Ryzen 9 is not super as greatly speedy on paper as the high-end 5950X, it is even a super strong 12-core CPU. Combined with RTX 3080, along with 32GB of RAM, and a quick PCIe 4.0 SSD, the One A200 is as potent for efficiency and workstation duties when it is running more games.

As for Geekbench 5, and overall performance, the system was behind the high systems with the single-core tests, with its point around 1658. However, for the multi-core test, its 12,000 was well ahead of anything else.

The PCIe Gen 4 SSD into this gaming PC can boost the systems, conveying to 25GB of files at a ratio around 1.3 Gbps with particularly the HP Omen’s WD SSD even controlling to meet the 1GBps mark. When it comes to the handbrake video customizing test, this PC can encode the 4K video to full HD with better four minutes and 45 seconds, whereas all the different systems got well over 5 minutes to finish a similar task. Video editors in specific might be capable of taking advantage of that operation’s 12 cores and other threads of CPU can.

Software and warranty

The Corsair A200 ships with a double-year warranty (or lifetime client assistance) and super little preliminary installed software. On top of Windows 10 home, you can obtain the plant’s iCue software that might be utilized to manage all the lights and the system fans.

The plant also considers having prevented the streaming apps’ bloat and interesting games such as Candy Crush that can ship with all Windows machines for those days.

Pros and Cons of Corsair One A200


– It provides you with high-end efficiency.

– The shell is quiet and space-saving

– It comes with an excellent liquid-cooled CPU and GPU.


– It is quite pricey

– It has several upgrade choices.


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  • Motherboard: ASRock B550
  • Memory: 2x16GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA RTX 3080 (10GB)
  • Storage: 1TB of M.2 and 2TB of SATA HDD
  • Network: Wifi 6 (802.11ax)
  • Ports: Front – 2xUSB 3.2, Mic/headphone jack, Rear- 4xUSB 3.2, Ethernet, 1xHDMI, 3xDisplayport.
  • Case: Corsair One steel
  • OS: Windows 10
  • PSU: 750W Corsair SFX 80 Platinum.

Closing Ideas

If you take more time looking you could perhaps seek a system with the same specifications as the Corsair One A200 for a bit less. However, unless and until the ongoing mining craze subsides, that operation may not cost less than Corsair’s price. Thanks to high-end efficiency for gaming and performance, the Corsair One A200 compact gaming PC is simple to suggest for people who can manage it. Just understand that enhancing might be quite tough and limiting than with a huge desktop, and you want most of the USB ports, you might need to invest in the hub as well.


Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell

So I upgraded my ram to Corsair vengeance pro 3200mhz 32gb (4x8gb) and now I have a pair of ADATA XPG DDR4 3200mhz 8gb sticks (16gb total) laying around and I want to give them to my employee who bought my previous PC.
His ram is the same ADATA XPG DDR4 16gb (2x8gb) but at 3000mhz. Can he run all 4 of them without issues if one pair is 3000mhz and the other is 3200? Or should he just swap his 3000mhz sticks for the 3200’s I have?


Thomas Cog

Thomas Cog

My Ryzen 9 5900x would be delivered tomorrow ,and you make a video lol thank you!!(hopley!)
I hope i choosed the right motherboard (MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk AMD B550 So.AM4 Dual Channel DDR4 ATX) ….Lets see tomorrow..I seriusley needed to upgrade after 5 year…My old Motherboard was also ASROCk (990fx extreme 3) …I monitored the temps 5 year long ,with SpeedFan program ,and need to admit the Board was the problem…The SMIOVT 4, 5 ,6 (Nuvoton NTC chips) geting really fast HOT , so they slowing down the CPU….so i swiched now to MSI board with integrated cooling….Hopley this working bether in the future…
Summa summarum ,The mainboard need to be cooled also…I think ,but let test this after tomorrow. One more time thx to for this video!!!