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Corsair Vengeance I7200 Review - Series Gaming PC review 2023

The Corsair Vengeance i7200 is among the ideal gaming PCs which you could purchase at this time – but can not see it at first look, while a lot of corporations distinguish their PCs by pouring for the flash with better case designs, and LED overload. Next, Corsair has implemented a quite laid-back approach for a fundamental black aesthetic that makes greater use of aimed splashes of color.

In addition to that, that computer seems like it’s quite mature while even being anything you might not mind caring about the globe. In spite of its sedate external look, the Corsair i7200 is nevertheless capable of conveying the type of efficiency you need, and where you want it most, whether for performance apps. You can not obtain the peripherals with the purchase, but the high-end parts inside are more than cushions which could blow and make sure that you will not get to worry about enhancing them for a lot of years to come.

Topping off all that is mostly pricing that makes you adjust the version for much less than you have to take for comparable recent PCs from various brands. Ours came in at significa.


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Corsair Vengeance I7200


When it comes to design, the i7200 seems like an old-school gaming PC. The 4000D airflow case can be a mid-tower ATX version, but it even can project the look of a hulking black monolith for a tinted-window side panel offering an internal view.

However, when pressing the power button, the system can dazzle with more colors from the elaborate RGB lighting installation. Some fans above the front panel (covered from a removable grill with the brand logo on the top), every cycle colors independently. The white flashes which seem like random lightning hits augment the RGB impacts.

As for the side panel, you might notice the system’s top-mounted radiator and various fans. The cooling rig’s water block or DIMMs’ tops could offer extra RGB lighting. Next, that illumination shows the internal case to be greatly tidy. The initial visible cables or wires are things that link the water block to the radiator, and the graphics card (over a channel) to the power supply.

There is a single mildly unusual component of the design: the bottom panel that is lifted mildly more than an inch during the i7200 is standing upright. It is a sleek way to the age-old issue of desktop airflow that is never as intangible as it might be when the case’s bottom is for all targets, and flush towards the desk and the floor.


Upgradability and ports

Like other gaming desktops, the Corsair i7200 offers a high option of ports. The motherboard contains six USB ports (double USB 2.0 for the mouse, and three USB 3.2, one USB 3.2 gen 2, and double type-A), connectors, and one PS/2 port. The graphics card even provides double HDMI ports and other three Displayport connectors. The 802.11 ac wireless networking card shows you will not get to hook up the i7200 to the Ethernet cable if you might not need to. However, you can connect the double integrated antennas to optimize the signal. That could be a pain as there is not a lot of room for them, particularly for when the monitor cable can be plugged in. Dual vertically mounted expansion slots for extra SSDs are situated to the horizontal ones’ right.

The front-panel ports (situated in the desktop’s top front) are quite skimpy but can cover the basics. Aside from the power button, there are double USB 3.2 gen, one port (one type-c and type-a), and the reset button.

While other plants contain different peripherals or other “fun” stuff for their gaming desktops, the i7200 came entirely clean – there are no mouse, keyboard, and anything else. That might not be a deal-breaker, as most PC gamers are going to get a set of their peripherals nearby already. But if you might not, understand beforehand that you could want to offer yourself gear.

Gaming efficiency

Thanks to top-flight parts, such as the RTX 3080 video card, the Corsair i7200 can be primed with 4K gaming. It can turn out outstanding outcomes in all the 4K gaming tests, even while it might not surpass the 60 fps’ threshold which we utilize to enroll fully smooth efficiency.

Even for these circumstances, though, the system regularly got darn close. It averaged 55 fps with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, 57 in GTA V, and 60 fps in Tomb raider – the same as what we realized from most of Alienware R11’s iteration. The Corsair might not fare much more as well for our most demanding gaming test like Red Dead 2. In terms of that game, we can reduce the graphical settings to make lesser PCs from crumpling like the aluminum foil’s sheet. The i7200’s 48 fps average was not quite shabby (anything more than 35 fps is not going to seem bad).

The game in which the i7200 can not get upwards around 100 fps at full HD was Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – but its 97 fps outcome is not that far off. Even though other gaming PCs could be particularly loud below heavier load, the i7200 might not get distracting as well, even while pushing the highest pixels at 4K. That is not to claim you might not listen to it, but it could make a lot of dull white noise as fan blasts.

Overall performance

Non-gaming efficiency was likewise no matter for the i7200. That is true with a processor like the Intel Core i9-10 cores, and a base 3.6GHz clock speed which might speed up to as much as 5.4GHz. Mix that with all RAM, and you could do something with that system. Its multi-core geek bench 5.3 scores of 12,000 were wonderful – especially identical with Aurora R11.

On top of it, i7200 completed the Handbrake video-encoding test quite quicker than the R11. Corsair’s PC even scored mildly better for the HDXPRT 4 test that measures the efficiency with image and video adjusting like 125 versus 119.

A single area in which Alienware excelled was the 25GB of file copy test. We can clock the R11’s speed around 1,200MBps, contrary to Corsair’s 825MBps. The distinction will not be considered for each use as well.

In brief, you can not get an issue getting anything completed for the i7200. If you operate as better as you play the game or rely on particularly threaded apps, the creator-oriented Corsair i200 takes a 14-core processor and comes with double the RAM. The i200 brought an average benefit for the current Geekbench test (13,120 for multi-core efficiency), but that PC’s game efficiency dipped, thanks to its final-gen RTX 2080 Ti. As for daily gaming, the Corsair i7200 is a great option.


Like other gaming PCs, the Corsair i7200 is lightweight for the software – Corsair needs as many of the system resources as needed going ahead with the games. The main exception is the iCUE app, via which you might configure the fan settings, and choose from a wide range of predesigned profiles or cobbling yourself as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of Corsair Vengeance i7200


– It is powerful and gaming-oriented hardware.

– It brings adjustable lighting effects.

– It is better for productivity and gaming experience.


– It does not contain any peripherals.

Final thoughts

With a beginning cost of $2800, this Corsair i7200 is not vitally reasonable for other users. If you do not play any games at 4K, you might not get the buck’s worth. Gaming hardware or video cards have come a long way through some years so that you might make your gaming PC for a low cost and even take a fabulous time with each primary title.

However, the gaming PC’s standards, especially for the entry-level configuration is a robbery, and you can find its fit or complete, both out and inside, well worth purchasing for. Taking into consideration that PC is a high performer in each zone, it might attract your attention if you need a lot of games for fewer bucks.

Last but not least, if you find it hard to approach the Corsair vengeance i7200, we will try our best to support you whenever you need it.


RJ Koprowicz

RJ Koprowicz

 5 months ago

just upgrade another pc. was thinking about 2 pc set up but changed my mind.
don’t need this one. less then 1 month old brand new pretty much
VENGEANCE i7200 Series Gaming PC – Intel Core i7 11700K – 32 GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 – 2TB HDD + 1TB SSD – Black