How To Check Your PC Specs – Update 2022

Understanding how to test the PC specifications might be beneficial for a couple of circumstances. You need to enhance the PC or clarify the system requirements for a program you need to set up. Here is how to discover how much RAM you get, and what type of GPU, motherboard, and CPU you get.

Main steps for you to check the PC specifications

To test your fundamental PC specifications with Windows 10, you need to hit on the Windows start button and click the gear icon for Settings. Through the Windows settings menu, you have to choose System. Scroll down and stick with “About”. From there, you can realize specifications for the processor, RAM, and various system information.

1. Hit the Windows Start button

That is the button with the Windows logo on the bottom-left screen’s corner.

2. Hit on Settings

It is the gear-shaped icon above the power button.

3. Next, you have to choose System

4. Scroll down and hit on “About” from the left sidebar.

By there, you might seek information about the RAM, processor, and different information.

Primary tips for you to discover how much RAM you get

The convenient solution to discover how much RAM you get is by typing RAM in the Windows search bar. The search shows the box can return for a View RAM Information option. Next, hit on that to move with the System settings window. Through the Device Specs part, you might test the field “Installed RAM”.

  • 1. Hit on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom-left screen’s corner.
  • 2. Next, you have to type RAM in the Windows search bar.
  • 3. Hit Enter or hit on View RAM information from the search outcomes.
  • 4. Test the information claimed in “Installed RAM”

Windows can let you know how much RAM you have set up and how much of it you have utilized. Next, you can find it below the Device Specs part. Besides, if you need to discover more about the RAM, and how much RAM you want, please stick with a wide range of our articles through this website.

Hints for you to discover what GPU you get

To discover what GPU you get, you need to type Device Manager through the Windows search bar and hit Enter. Next, you might click on the arrow next to Display adaptors.

1. Type Device Manager into the Windows search bar.

Windows might load search outcomes even before you complete typing the search term.

2. Press Enter or hit the Device Manager app icon which debuts

The Device Manager application icon might seem like the camera beside the printer. You need to press Enter or hit on the icon that might open the Device Manager window.

3. Lastly, hit on the arrow next to Display adapters to track what GPU you get.

The entry under Display adaptors displays what GPU you get.

Note: If the entry does not appear with the producer name, you will do the following

4. Choose the GPU name

It might emphasize it in blue

5. Make a right-click the GPU

You need to make right-click the GPU

6. Choose “Properties on the menu that appears”.

On the other hand, the properties window can head to the General tab by default.

7. Search for a field named “Manufacturer

Based on the General tab, you have to search for the field labeled Manufacturer.

Ideal ways for you to track what motherboard you get

To track what type of motherboard you obtain, please type system information into the search bar and press Enter. Next, you need to seek out the field labeled System Manufacturer and System model.

It might let you know how to do and model your motherboard as well.

1. Type System information in the Windows search bar.

Windows could load search outcomes even before you complete typing the search term.

2. Press Enter or hit the System information application icon

The System information application icon seems like the desktop with a blue screen by the letter “i”. Next, you might hit the “Enter” or clicking the application icon can open the System Summary part by default.

3. Test out the fields with BaseBoard Manufacturer, product, and version

If you are investigating how to enhance the motherboard, you need to test out the post “How to select a motherboard”.

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How to discover what CPU you get

To realize what CPU you get, you need to hit “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” on the keyboard. Next, you might hit the Task Manager and move to the Performance tab. In this case, you can seek the CPU information on the upper right-handed Window’s side, and above the CPU utilization diagrams.

1. Make a right-click on the taskbar

It is the bar that usually stands for the screen’s bottom.

2. Choose Task Manager

That might open the Processes tab that includes a list of all the running programs.

3. Through the Task manager window, you have to move to the Performance tab.

If you do not realize the Performance tab, ensure to hit on More Details.

4. Hit on the CPU part on the left panel

This can make the option summarized in blue.

5. You can realize the kind of CPU you get near the word “CPU” on the Window’s top-right corner.

Wrapping It Up

Here is all the information above which you can need to know how to check your PC specs. Last but not least, if you want to find out more about testing the personal computer specifications, we will highly recommend that you should surf all-around other articles through this website for a lot of beneficial tips. Thank you so much!

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