How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop? with Windows 7, 8, Linux and Windows 10

Do you regularly get any challenges with the Acer PC program? Do you not know the effective tips related to resetting the factory Acer laptop? Then, let us discover with their program as many techniques to deal with this error again as promptly as possible. 

You might be taught four main solutions to mill reset your Acer notebook by using Windows 8, 7, or 10. Those are the ideal procedures for you if you have not remembered your password and ask for a means to circumvent bettering your notebook with your password requested. 

Something to prepare before resetting your Acer laptop

You might not move to reset your Acer notebook without keeping alert to the specific precaution. 

Before embarking on the factory reset of your notebook particularly, be it the Acer notebook or various ways, you should make a copy of your information, specifically for those you might not control to misplace. 

Next, you might seek tools on the internet that are provided for that specific target, so ensure you obtain one which brings outstanding reviews and is highly recommended. That might ensure you do not lose any crucial files as early as you have taken out of everything out of the notebook. 

Four solutions to reset the Acer laptop with Windows 7, 8, Linux and 10

1. Factory reset Acer laptop of Acer Care Center

If you have the Acer Care center set up on your laptop, you might set the system again to factory settings via the Acer Care Center. 

Next, the Acer Care center program makes you backup and can restore your network hobbies or media drivers. 


  1. Based on the search box in your laptop, you type “Retrieval” and click on “Acer Recovery Management”
  2. You move to “Recovery Management” and make a click. 
  3. When Acer Care center appears, you have to click “Get Started” alongside “Reset your PC”
  4. Hit on “Eliminate everything”
  5. Click “Only Remove my documents or eliminate files and clean out the drive up to what you ask
  6. Select “Reset”

Next, you stick to the onscreen guides to finish the reset. 

As soon as resetting your notebook, it is asked to enhance your device drivers to the newest model to offer you a great experience. If that solution can not operate with you, keep calm. There is something to attempt.

2. Factory reset Acer laptop by using the ALT + 10 on startup

In case the problem your notebook is confronting has avoided it from booting, then you might particularly do the factory reset with the Windows Recovery Environment. To solve it, you have to chase up more steps below

You might set off the Acer notebook directly from the power button by hitting on it for around 6 minutes. Next, you turn on the notebook, and the time the Acer logo appears on your display; you have to press the “ALT + 10” keys together. 

After a while, you might be taken to the display to “Pick the alternative”, your option might be “Troubleshoot”.

As for Windows 8; you have to select “Reset your PC”, while on Windows 10, the option is “Reset this PC”. Next, you click to “Eliminate everything” and hit on “Restart”, and the practice of the factory reset of the Acer notebook might begin. 

Keep waiting for that procedure to conclude after the time. When the process is finished, you might establish your notebook by surfing the guides that can make you onscreen. 

When it comes to Windows 7, the notebook with Acer e-Recovery management like after rebooting and using “Alt + 10”, choose “Restore”. 

You might be provided the following options to pick from “Reinstall drivers or software”, and “Restore the operating method, and maintain User information”.

The guides that debut on your screen might steer you in safeguarding your personal computer. 

3. Factory reset Acer laptop Windows 10 from signing in

You might implement “Reset your Acer notebook by signing in”, in the event “ALT + 10” keys can not operate with your Acer notebook, or in the event, you have to sign in with Windows 10 to back up your vital files before factory reset. 

But if you might not grab the password, or have not remembered the password; you initially eliminate the password and then sign in to Windows 10 to do a factory reset. Here are some useful tips below

Step 1: Remove Windows 10 password on notebook

To rapidly remove Windows 10 passwords on the notebook, you might use the password reset disk. 

- Generate a password reset disk on various PC with the help of all Windows password fixer tools. Just downloading and setting up the Windows Password Refixer tool on the next working PC. Besides, you run this specific tool and surf its onscreen to burn it into the USB to create a password reset disk. 

- You need to boot the Acer laptops out of that password reset disk. If you do not get a clue how to create the notebook boot from the USB, then chase up the steps on this film. 

- Remove Windows 10 password notebook computer. After your Acer notebook boots from that password reset disk, you have to select your client and hit on the Reset password button to reset the password right away. 

When the password is reset, you should take it out of the disk and reboot your notebook. Let’s follow your laptop restarts, and you might sign in to Windows 10 without the password requested. Next, you might mill reset the Acer notebook from signing in. 

Step 2: Sign-in Windows 10 to reset factory notebook

- First of all, you have to sign in to Windows 10 during you have not completed. 

- Back up your crucial files if you might like.

- You can open the Preferences program, and select “Update & Security”.

- Choose “Recovery” and then hit on “Get started” under the “Reset that PC” section.

- Choose “Remove everything”

- It can require if you might love cleaning your system drive. In the other words, you might choose the option up to what you want. 

- Follow the onscreen hints and hit on “Reset” to start out the factory reset process.

- Finally, keep waiting for the mill reset completes. Until this time, your notebook might reboot many times and install again Windows 10. You need to stick to the onscreen guides to prepare for your private information. 

4. Reset Acer notebook with Linux 

Resetting your Acer laptop is a little more challenging than resetting a similar notebook with Windows installed. Among the double reset approaches below can do the tip

Step 1: Reset by using icons on the Linux shell

This system resets programs using icons that can store preferences. On the other hand, programs can pin to Dock, accounts, and configs. 

Hint: You need to open a new shell in the PC by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your notebook. Next, sort “/conf reset-f/” to the casing and input. 

Step 2: Reset using the recovery disk


- Your recovery disk

- External USB optical drive (if your notebook can not get the DVD drive), or use the PC with the DVD drive to make a USB drive. 

Warning: You can back up crucial files before applying this way. 


  1. Take the compulsory things and turn off your notebook.
  2. You have to connect the external optical drive and power on
  3. Hold down the F12 key on the keyboard after realizing the Acer logo. Try to hold down until you type the boot menu. 
  4. Choose the USB optical drive option and press the F10 key. (Select the USB HDD: USB flash drive if you need to use USB retrieval drive as well)
  5. Hit on Exit Saving Changes and install Acer. In the other words, you might be moved to the Acer Recovery Management panel. Various options, such as factory reset need to be found out here. Finally, you move to the following prompts to reset your Acer notebook with Linux operating system. 

Final thoughts

One of the methods to help you reset Acer notebook over is the ideal alternative that we might like to bring for you. It is not only a good option due to its efficacy, but also common due to its easy implementation. 

To make sure reliability, we hope to use real experiences to compose the notes and advantages of their options. In case you get some contributions, please leave your feedback below this article. Thank you!

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