How to fix status_access_violation chrome A-Z

In several times, we face one of the popular errors in Google Chrome – the status_access_violation error. What does this error mean? How to fix it effectively? Do not panic! Follow the post below and you will know what you should do in this case.

What is the status_access_violation error in Chrome?

The first thing we can confirm is this error is not so critical. Simply, it is just a problem of code management. Poor code management is the reason. But the problem with access violation error code occurs for multiple reasons. So, some people said, this error is not clear. It is something vague. It happens not only in Chrome but also in other chromium-based browsers.

For your information, the status_access_violation error was shut down some time ago by Google. However, it still happens now. Why? The mishandling of code management was enabled again on user requests, like ours when we surf the website. As a result, this error shows up. And you realize that your tabs stop working.

How to fix the status_access_violation error effectively?

Many users also realize that this problem will go away when they restart the browser. Right, solve the issue is not complicated. Besides restarting your browser or PC, we have some methods to fix it.

As mentioned above, multiple reasons cause the status-access-violation error in Chrome. It means, we have to see different approaches. Some methods can work for you at this time. The next time, it might not work anymore. You need to know what causes the error exactly to choose the right solution.

Here are some useful and popular methods for you:

1. Update your Google Chrome

Although the error might not a big problem. Some people said that it is not necessary to update web browsers. However, we still recommend you update your web browsers first. If the result is not good, the error continues to show up, it is time to try another method.

How to update Google Chrome?

  • In the URL bar, open the “chrome://setting”.
  • Click your mouse on “About Chrome” to check and update. The Chrome will be downloaded automatically.

2. Browser Executable file

The next method to fix this error relates to the browser executable file named “chrome.exe”. If you rename it, the issue can be fixed. This method is very simple. But it only works on Window computer. In case, you are using a macOS, renaming this file is not your choice.

How to rename this file?

  • Right-click on the Chrome icon or search under the Start menu.
  • Select “Open file location”.
  • Find the chrome.exe file. You just need to rename it to anything else.

Finally, reopen your web browser and check the website.

3. Using a stable version

We advise you to switch to a stable version of Chrome instead of the Unstable and Canary version. Many bleeding-edge features of these versions cause the problem with access violation error codes.

How to switch to a stable Chrome version?

  • Open Run (Win+R), then you need to type “appwiz.cpl”.
  • Uninstall Chrome canary in the Control Panel.
  • Download the stable Chrome version and install it.

4. Disable browser extension

Some Chrome bad extensions can be the reason why the status_access_violation error occurs. How to find that extension? You disable all extensions you have. Then re-enable them one by one. You will figure it out.

Follow our instructions:

  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer
  • For more options, you click on ⁝
  • Select “More tool”, then “Extensions”. You will see all of your extensions. Now, disable them by toggling the button “OFF”.

5. Using another browser

There are some alternative browsers. You tried some methods to fix it, but the result doesn’t make you satisfied, stop using this browser and try another one.

Wrapping It Up

How do you fix the status_access_violation Chrome error? Have you ever used any method on the above list? Let us know how you do and the result! If you have any thoughts about this problem, drop your words in the comment box, we will give you the answer.


El Arney

El Arney

 1 month ago

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve already tried renewing and releasing/flushing, restarting dns client service, changing dns servers *works for like 5 mins then goes back to that error* I’ve also reset chrome flags and nothing I even restarted my router multiple times.



John Lawson

John Lawson

 1 month ago

 Reply to  El Arney

Have you tried the Windows diagnostic? Also, is your date/time set properly? That can cause issues like this if its not.

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