How to make a multi page PDF on Mac free 2022

Not sure a free tool will do the job however, Have you ever tried the PDF Chef?

The software is completely customizable, and it provides all that you are looking for in PDF-editing software for mac.

Here are some cool features:

Open and read PDF documents.

I review books and articles. Review contracts, invoices, and other documents. You can change the display settings so it becomes easier to read. You are allowed to work with several documents simultaneously in separate tabs.

Create some documents.

Ensure that you start preparing a PDF document. When you import multiple file types (from Word, Corel, Photoshop, or AutoCAD), merge all the files into one PDF document. The vast range of tools in the PDF Creator for Mac will enable you to modify your documents to fit your specific needs.

It is possible to edit pdf files.

Also, make corrections to your pdfs in different modes of use. Add, remove, reorder, or rotate the pages in PDF documents. Add or modify text. Insert, rotate, and scale images that you want to on the page. You can save your changes with a few clicks.

It is possible to convert files from PDFs.

Convert one or more PDF files to different file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Doc, TXT, HTML, and Epub. When you are exporting PDF documents, export them as JPG, PNG, or BMP image files. Convert multiple files that are in other formats to PDF

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