How To Stop Discord From Opening On Startup 2022

Discord is a group chatting app which is utilized mostly by gaming communities. Discord brings an inbuilt attribute that permits it to begin automatically whenever the gadget restarts. It is great for people who operate on discord and want it as early as they start their PC. However, other users find that attribute annoying since they usually do not usually need discord whenever they boot their desktop. Besides, it can put a load on the booting process that might slow down the processing desktop’s speed. So, the query can raise whether we might disable that autostart attribute? The answer is Yes, but how can we stop discord effectively? There are some solutions through which we can stop discord from auto-starting. Let’s find out each solution below.


Discord is a team chatting base that was released around 2015 and was particularly designed for players. However, various communities currently have begun using that discord as their team chatting base. It makes you share text, pictures, and links as well. Besides, discord has looked for an engine by itself and is ready for macOS, Linux, and even the Android operating system.

Next, Discord comes with over 100 million active clients who take billions of minutes daily on it. It is the number one option for the players with group chatting. From the achievement of “Among Us” game discord is currently utilized a lot by among us gamers for chatting with the emergency meeting. It is even utilized by various communities to carry out the seminars.

The communities of Discord are named servers. You might make the server by yourself and invite individuals to the server by sending them your direct server link. Besides, you might participate in various community servers.

Some communities share their server on social media. You might participate in them by hitting on the link. It offers a wide range of attributes to its clients and through many years it has boosted itself to offer its clients the ideal client experience and make their assignments simple. However, there are other attributes of the discord app clients are not a big fan of like the auto-starting on boot attribute.

However, discord offers a choice to switch off the attributes if you do not love them. Let us track how we might switch off Auto-start in Discord.

Basic steps for you to stop Discord from Auto-starting on startup in Mac or Windows

There are various techniques to stop Auto launching discord. The initial technique is to disable it from the discord app. Discord comes with an in-built choice that permits you to open the Discord app as early as the desktop startup.

Next, we might disable it and stop Discord from opening. However, even after understanding the cause, you might find it tough to seek the choice so we might recommend you read the basic steps and then stick with a practical solution. So let us know the steps to do that solution.

Step 1

First of all, you have to open the discord app on the PC by double-clicking on it.

Step 2

Hit on user settings on the bottom left corner beside the headphone icon. The new window can debut.

Step 3

In that window, hit on the user settings a list of choices might open the screen scroll down to Windows settings, and hit it on.

Step 4

Through the Windows setting below system startup behavior, you can seek Open discord enabled click on the button to disable it. After that, you might close the app and reboot the PC to apply the changes.

If the issue even persists, you will attempt the next solution provided below

Great hints for you to disable discord Auto-start using Task manager

The choice of disabling Discord from opening the Windows startup from the application can not be ready for the traditional version of Windows. If you are a Windows 7 user or if you take another low version of Windows rather than Win 10, then you need to face more challenges in the above solution.

So to disable it in various versions of Windows like Windows 8, you could attempt disabling Discord from the Task Manager. The task manager has a choice to limit more applications from opening on startup. You could disable discord startup from here. You can chase up the steps below

Step 1

Make a right-click on the taskbar, you can seek a wide range of choices in that choose Task Manager or hit on the keyword mixture of Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task manager.

Step 2

Inside the Task manager, you have to search for the startup menu on the top and hit it on.

Step 3

Below the startup tab, you might search for all programs which can startup as early as the Windows boots. You might seek out the discord app. After you look for Discord, you have to tap on it to choose and hit the disable button to deal with it.

Step 4

Finally, you move to Start and hit on the power button, and then choose Restart or hit key combination ALT + F4 and choose to Restart your computer. In the other words, this step is crucial to apply the changes. After that, you will not be facing this matter.

Autostart Discord of the background after boot

If you need Discord to open on startup, but might not need it to debut on the screen to open with the background; you might enable that from the discord app. If you use Discord every day, but it is not the initial thing that you need during your boot up, it is the ideal choice for you.

In this solution, the Discord can begin automatically as early as the PC boots but can remain in the background and might not interrupt you. Besides, this solution can put super less strain on the system as compared to the process in which the whole screen can debut on the screen. We will refer to you some useful tips to enable that choice on the system. Most of the steps for enabling that choice are the same as the initial solution except for the final step.

  • 1. Begin the Discord app on the portable computer.
  • 2. Hit on the user setting below on the bottom left corner.
  • 3. Hit on user settings, scroll down to the Windows settings and click it.
  • 4. Through the Windows settings, you might enable the open discord option if it is disabled.
  • 5. Now, you enable start minimization by hitting on the toggle bar.

That might permit the Discord app to open on the startup, but will not make its debut on the screen.

Final thoughts

So, we have referred to various techniques to deal with discord opening on startup issues and even considered a solution on how to begin discord on startup but minimized.

Last but not least, if you have some queries related to stopping discord from opening on startup, we will promise to help you as soon as possible.

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