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iBUYPOWER Element MR 9320 Review 2022: best gaming desktop with Intel i7-10700F 2.9GHz, GTX 1660-Ti

Are you hunting a mid-range prebuilt gaming rig? You don’t know what the most suitable gaming PC with an affordable price is? We believe that you will be the same as many people. You might end with an iBuyPower Element MR 9320 gaming PC after being confused with a matrix of products on the market. Why do people like this item? Let us show you!


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Before reading reviews in detail about this Element MR 9320 gaming Pc, you should have a look at it. Here are its specifications.


Soure WePC

It has:

  • A 10th gen Core i7 processor
  • A GTX 1660 Ti GPU
  • The primary specs are the 16 gigs of RAM
  • A 1TB hard drive
  • A 240GB SSD
  • Operating system: Window 10
  • A graphics card ram size of 6GB

This item is not so weight. Its weight is 31 pounds with a dimension of 21.9 x 20.5 x12.6 inches.

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If you spend time on the website of the largest online retails – Amazon, you can read a lot of good reviews about this item. They are users who bought and have been using it. Therefore, reviews are very true.

Soure WePC

Now, let find out why Element MR 9320 could be a popular item for gamers in a short time. Of course, it has both pros and cons because nothing is perfect. However, this product of iBUYPOWER offers many advantages.

  • It has a solid mid-range performance and an excellent configuration that allow you to play 1080p gaming or use it to run CAD, design software. In other words, Element MR 9320 could be useful for working, studying, and playing games.
  • Although it is not equipped with the newest version of the processor, you can fully upgrade, swap out its component or replace it with something better. So, you don’t need to pay attention to the processor son much.
  • About the design of Element MR 9320: it has a very simplistic chassis. Nothing new. This is an entirely simplistic design. It means you don’t have difficulty in replacing or swapping out any component.
  • Element MR 9320 has a dust filter which is very handy for users.
  • This item provides what most users need. We are mentioning performance. It can handle many tasks more than we expect. It is not the best or high-range item. But we can use it for rendering, creating 3D models, editing videos, streaming your gameplay online…
  • You don’t need to install or uninstall software because Windows 10 is free of unwanted software.
  • We have more than one space to storage documents: SSD and hard drive.
  • It supports you to use multiple monitors with high-resolution.
  • They are selling this Element MR9320 gaming PC at affordable pricing. Gamers can buy and use it. We don’t find anything that is called Bloatware which can annoy.

There are a variety of benefits that iBUYPOWER element MR9320. Reviews from clients are the confirmation for its quantity. However, the manufacturer of this time – iBUYPOWER should improve its internet connectivity. Hardware issues appear many times. This could make users feel uncomfortable. There is a restriction that gamers don’t like. They are not able to play games over 1080p. iBUYPOWER needs to apply some changes related to customer supports. We can read reviews complaints about this service. Sometimes, this service makes users more confused.

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Wrapping It Up

We have checked one of the best-sellers iBUYPOWER gaming PC – Element MR9320. It is not the best but is worth purchasing. Is it a good choice for your needs? Hope that the information mentioned above has given you the answer to this question.