MacBook or Windows: Which Laptop Should You Consider?

Buying a laptop is a significant decision as it is a long time investment for many of us. A lot of factors ranging from memory to storage to processor to operating system decide the device that you finally purchase.


In this article, we will discuss all the relevant factors that help you make an informed purchase decision.

Operating System

The biggest point of differentiation between the Apple and Windows laptops is the operating system that decides the user experience largely. The choice is based on your personal preferences and the syncing capabilities of various features with other digital devices.

If you are looking for a device with better compatibility with third-party apps and more free-to-use options, a Windows laptop can be your best bet. However, if you are among the users who need an operating system that allows for extensive syncing, go with a MacBook.

If we talk about Windows laptops, the release of Windows 10, certainly one of the popular versions, expands the horizon for laptop users. The best thing is that Windows 10 supports almost everything, right from entry-level budget laptops to high-end gaming devices.

On the other side, the release of macOS Big Sur has made the macOS more iOS-like, offering better usability and sync across Apple devices. The same goes with the latest macOS Monterey, so if you want to go with simplicity, you can consider buying a MacBook.

System Specifications

Considering future needs is essential when you are buying a laptop as you might be using it for office work or higher studies. The system specifications such as the memory, processor, storage, and other similar factors make a difference in the long run.

Whether you are buying a Windows laptop or a MacBook, make sure to purchase as much RAM as your budget allows. Higher RAM will prevent system slowdowns when you are downloading resource-intensive apps on the laptop in the future.

The storage media has to be huge to prevent lags and performance issues. Make sure your computer has at least 500 GB of storage. Also, make sure to purchase a laptop with an SSD installation as it is a faster and more powerful storage medium than hard drives.

Needless to say, you get a 128GB SSD with most MacBook variants which might not be sufficient, so try to upgrade it before purchase. You will need to invest extra bucks as SSDs are expensive. Alternatively, check out this link to learn the ways to clean system storage in a MacBook.

One last thing, your laptop must be upgradable. If you are buying a MacBook, please note that you cannot upgrade its specifications later. However, Windows laptops are highly upgradable, but make sure to buy one with upgrade capabilities.

Apps & Software

Something that matters more than the user experience and system specification is the availability of apps. Fortunately, both the macOS and Windows operating systems have plenty of in-house apps; you need to check the third-party options too.

You can easily get everyday apps from productivity boosters to web browsers to creative suites to entertainment options for MacBooks and Windows laptops. But what if you need access to more niche apps? That’s what matters the most.

MacBooks are popular among creative professionals due to the core features and clarity that the Apple-compatible apps provide. Apps like Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator, Logic Pro, and Procreate have emerged as industry leaders when it comes to editing and animation.

On the other side, if you are a serious gamer looking for gaming-specific devices, you can buy a Windows laptop. You get access to a large volume of high-end gaming apps, from big blockbusters to brain games. Some of the examples include The Witcher, Doom Eternal, or Control.

Budget Constraints

The price is likely one major aspect that decides which device you are going to purchase. A significant fact is that Windows laptops vary widely when it comes to the price, which means the features and functions change as you go higher on the price graph.

Not much difference can be seen in the MacBooks, as even if you buy a starting range, you will still spend a hefty price. Although you get unmatched features and functioning, you need to invest a lot of money in MacBooks.

MacBook Pro will give you an additional productivity boost with simple and streamlined processes; you can easily buy a high-end Windows laptop at the same price and still save some money. Storage limitation on MacBooks is something to consider before buying it.

Another major aspect is the accessories. Even if you invest hugely in purchasing a MacBook, you will have to spend hugely on the add-ons. MacBook sleeve, Magic Mouse, keyboard, or anything else, everything comes at a noticeable price. So, keep that in mind.

The Conclusion

To sum up, picking between a Windows laptop and a MacBook depends on four major factors that include your preferences, apps compatibility, specifications, and, most importantly, budget.

Whatever device you purchase, invest in the latest one powered with the most recent version of the operating system and features.

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