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Mpow M30 Plus Review: Why Is Everyone Buying These Mpow M30 Plus True Wireless Earbuds?

Selecting a suitable set of wireless earbuds is like finding an ideal pair of shoes. There are a thousand choices, and most of them bring their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to that, not all of them are worth purchasing for any target. Other wireless earbuds are designed for a super low standard, and there are a host of new versions striking shelves frequently.

Why the proliferation? The answer is the true wireless stereo’s development in the mid-2010s. Apple took the lead, and approved a wireless design for the iPhone 7, and released the AirPod earbuds. Next, the AirPod buds are super excellent in terms of audio quality, but they are quite expensive. Then, the design is not perfect for users. Various producers started making their unique designs, and Mpow remains among the industry leaders. Their traditional M30 earbuds were worthwhile additions to the line.

At this moment, we are going to check and evaluate the Mpow M30 plus earbuds. Those are an improved set of earbuds, with a beefy battery that is long-lasting. They could be a few different transformations that are particularly cosmetic. But how can they compare to the traditional one? Are they a worthwhile enhancement, or are you better off running with the traditional M30s? Let’s have a look and see how they do!


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Pros and Cons

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  • It comes with a great bass presence.
  • It offers long battery life.
  • It provides outstanding fit and comfort


  • Case is particularly huge.


Mpow M30 Plus True Wireless Earbuds

Sound quality

If you are familiar with Mpow, you are alert for they are well-known for great sound quality. Thus, how can the M30 Plus earbuds compare? Beginning at the top-end, the sound quality is stellar. Next, the high cymbals’ trebles come through with the shimmer you hope from expensive earbuds.
Besides, moving down to the central frequencies, there is plenty of clarity. The vocal-heavy fields like nation, rap, and hip hop might be simple to know and love. As for the bass, there is plenty of punch as well. It is not so studio headphone quality, but making a comparison with apples; it is super great. You will be capable of loving dance music and heavier metal with richness.
The M30 Plus earbuds show a super huge soundstage. That shows the directional balance is outstanding, and that every instrument brings the space. Consequently, your songs might seem the way the professional artist wanted, or as close as possible with earbuds. The next advantage becomes clear when you are browsing films. If the film’s soundtrack brings more atmosphere or is super bass-heavy, it is fabulous. Better yet, those earbuds assist the low latency protocol. That is an ultimate audio protocol, strengthened by Qualcomm to decrease latency. Mixed with Bluetooth 5.0, it permits super high bitrate audio without loss in quality.
A next key benefit of the M30 plus earbuds is that they are supported with CVC 8.0 noise-canceling software. It is not “noise cancellation” of the kind which can block out background noise for the music. In the other words, it might block out background noise with your tool. It is quite simple for various users to listen to you when you are in crowded or windy conditions. Remember, though, that it operates effectively when you get earbuds connected.
It is since the software can be capable of making most of both microphones to pick the voice. As for how great you listen to another person, that will be up to their microphones.


The physical build of M30 plus earbuds is particularly identical to the traditional ones. To begin with, they are true exercising buds. They get a handy, “shell” pattern design which is built to be retained into the ear canal. Like other wireless earbuds, they support three additional sets of silicone ear tips. Those tips might be swapped as possible to obtain a secure, and handy fit. Do not discount that process. A suitable fit is not about comfort; it can even offer great noise isolation.
As for the ear tips, there are even silicone ear fins that suit the external ear. They are equipped with double sizes, not three, but that is more than great enough for other user’s ears. The earbud shell brings a matte black finish so that fingerprints are no matter. Unlike the traditional M30 shell, it is rectangular rather than triangular.
When the traditional shell got a huge Mpow logo, the M30 Plus comes with a sleek white oval border. That border outlines a soft touch control that might be utilized to play and pause music or customize the volume. You could even answer or end calls without pulling out the smartphone.
On top of it, M30 Plus wireless earbuds support a nano-coating that secures the internal parts from water. That coating is the same as the traditional M30. However, the water resistance rating is currently a fabulous IPX8. That is also greater than IPX7, implementing strong submersion resistance. You might get the M30 plus just around somewhere else. Put it through your exercise process, and keep jamming out throughout your post-exercising shower.
The kit contains a charging case that is bigger than other earbud charging cases. Besides, it is larger than other users’ palms, and it is quite heavier for the earbud case. Around 5.6 ounces, it is not specifically heavy, just more than you want to hope from what it is. It is a side effect of the super big internal battery. Still, it shows that the M30 Plus is not pocket-sized. You will want to hold it near the sort of bag.
The charging case’s inside is equipped with a simple clean matte black finish. Outside, the finish brings more shine, but it is not entirely glossy. That finish might combine various electronics so that it is an outstanding combination. The clamshell design is spring-loaded with a huge hinge that might not simply open by the incident. After the case’s front, there is a small cutout for prying the lid open with the thumb. Inside the cutout, there is a row of the LED lights. Those show the available battery circumstance so that you understand when the case wants to charge.
As for the case and the buds, you obtain a USB Type-C to USB Type-C charging cable. Everything is secured by a double-year warranty. That is longer than other earbud warranties so that you might not get to worry about the producer’s mistakes.

Connectivity and battery

The huge distinction between the traditional M30 and M30 Plus is the battery. All sets of earbuds provide around 5 hours of playing time. That in and itself is about average for a combination of wireless earbuds. However, the M30 plus comes with about 2600mAh battery which offers 95 hours of extra playing time. It is greatly exceptional.
Next, the traditional M30 case only brings sufficient juice for an extra 20 hours. It is not awful, but the M30 Plus is a key enhancement. When it comes to the size, it specifically gets around 2.5 hours to charge the M30 Plus battery.
Apart from it, remember that the hour ratings are up to producer testing. In reality, you can track mildly more or fewer playing time hours. For example, if you crank the volume up, your battery efficiency will be researched. With no matter, you will even get a lot of power to complete a workout and a commute.
The next innovation to the M30 Plus is the capability to function as the power bank. With the availability of 2600mAh capacity, it is sufficient to charge the iPhone 11 to around 85%. On the other hand, it can not be your go-to option if you need a power bank. But if you want urgent power to rent the Uber, you can get sufficient battery life to complete.
Next, the M30 plus wireless earbuds can use a similar Bluetooth 5.0 chip to the traditional M30. Bluetooth 5.0 is the modern protocol’s version and has been optimized over other matters for Bluetooth. To start with, there is virtually zero latency as well. You might watch films or enjoy games without lag from video to audio. There is even twice as much bandwidth so that you might hear high bitrate music. Lastly, the signal is quite stable so that the calls might not disconnect rapidly.
The next pretty attribute of this version is that they might be combined in double solutions. In the other words, they will mix with stereo mode. It is how you might particularly hear the music, but mono mode even brings its benefits. As you might leave one ear open, it is appropriate for hands-free calling while you are on your own. And if all you want is hands-free calling, why not save more batteries by taking one bud at this moment?
Another great trait of the M30 Plus is the Bluetooth reset button in the case’s front. A wide range of Bluetooth headphones might be difficult to repair if you are having Bluetooth problems. You could finish popping them in or out of the case repeatedly till they lastly synchronize again. Thanks to this version, please insert the buds in the case, hit and hold the reset button. While you remove the buds, you should be capable of combining as usual.

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Wrapping It Up

As you might know, the Mpow M30 Plus is a key enhancement over the traditional M30. That is claiming something because the M30 wireless earbuds are some of the best at their cost. To begin with, let’s have a look at the most authentic attribute like the battery. It is ultimately strong, and sufficient for over four days of 24/7 listening. Finally, that comes at the price of the bulky structure. But considering that it might double like the emergency power bank, that is a worthy trade-off.

The next benefit of this M30 Plus is the CVC 8.0 noise cancellation addition. It makes them well-suited for hands-free calling. We were just good with the traditional M30 design, but the Plus version brings its elegance as well. Last but not least, the sound quality is better than you can hope for the cost. It is specifically right when it discusses the bass that comes with more than sufficient punch.