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OGG K6 Wireless Earbuds – the way to share the beautiful musical moment with each other

When you buy a smartphone, an earbud is usually a part of the packing list. You don’t need to pay for this item. For some reason, you sometimes lost it or it doesn’t work well. And you have to find another alternative earbud. There are many different kinds of earbuds on the market. You don’t know what is the best earbud or what is the most suitable one for you. Referring to reviews from users who bought and have been using these items is one of the useful ways to make your decision. In the below article, we see what the user say about one of the hottest earbuds – the OGG K6 earbud.



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OGG K6 is a new product made by OGG. It was launched just on 23 January 2022. Here is the packing list of this item:

  • Earbud: 1 item
  • Charging box: 1 item
  • Earbud cap: 2 item
  • USB C-type charging cable: 1 item
  • User manual: 1 item

This earbud is introduced as an ANC Bluetooth wireless. Its weight is just 5.6 ounces with the dimension of 4.02 x 3.98 x 1.85 inches – not so bulky. You can keep it even in your shirt pocket.

The design of this earbud is not so special. But you might be impressed because of the color. We believe that many buyers were attracted by its color. It is very nice. You can choose the earbuds in white, black or red.

What do users say about OGG K6 earbuds?

Advantages of OGG K6

Although they are new earbuds, there is much positive feedback sent to manufacturers or shown on the website/page of retailers. Read feedback on Amazon’s website! Many 5 star reviews are there.

It is easy to find the reviews with nice words like “amazing sound, wonderful noise canceling”. Even they mentioned this item as a great alternative to airpod.

OGG K6 earbud uses the ANC noise reduction technology. This feature can reduce and eliminate traffic noise, background noise…and other low-frequency environmental noises. So, we don’t have difficulty making a phone call while we are on the bus, airport, or wandering on the crowded street. People feel more comfortable when using this earbud. The latest ANC and ENC noise reduction technology is the most special feature when it comes to the OGG K6 earbuds.

You control the size of both earbuds easily. Adjust the volume of the left and right earbuds by taking one of them out and controlling the button on it. This feature allows you to listen to the music with another person. It is very convenient.

Many people reviewed that they feel satisfied with the OGG earbud’s battery life. The capacity battery is 50mA. You can turn earbuds on and listen for 10 hours after being full-charged.

Besides the ANC & ENC noise reduction, OGG K6 earbuds are equipped with a high elastic diaphragm. So, sound quality is more and more excellent. You also don’t feel hurt or uncomfortable after a long time in use.

Disadvantages of the OGG K6 earbud

There are still some issues related to this earbud. But they are not so serious. Nothing doesn’t have cons. Some users complain about the difficulty of getting it out of the case. Others face the controlling problem. The touch controls are not easy to use. The price is also an issue for some people. They said that its price is expensive a bit.


Each person has a different experience. It is impossible to make satisfaction for all of us. Based on feedback from many sources, we can still be sure that the OGG K6 earbud is worth purchasing and listening to, sharing the beautiful music moment every day.