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Tozo T10 Review: best bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds with wireless charging

Earbuds are produced for users who enjoy a hassle-free life. Thanks to that new modified model of the headphone, you might ignore the most disturbing part of the headphone, its wires. They are likely to cling to one another, and we feel it might take their whole life to repair them. That is why earbuds arrive at our rescue. Besides, they are lightweight and entirely user-friendly. It would assist if you combined them with the smartphone’s Bluetooth. Here we will offer you the Tozo T10 earbuds review, one such new earbuds with better designs and efficiencies.

Next, Tozo T10 earbuds are equipped with IPX8 water-resistant and get a charging case with an internal nano-coating which might be dipped into the water up to one meter without being influenced, which makes those earbuds super appropriate for water ingress. The playing time of that Best Wireless Earbuds could exceed 4 hours. You might obtain a specific overview of its specifications, efficiency, advantage, and disadvantage in this review.


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The truth about TOZO T10

Soure Consumer Buddy

TWS bluetooth 5.0 earbuds with charging case


At first sight of Tozo T10, you can get the athletic earbuds to feel from it. The design of its build displays inspiration from athleticism. It can contain ear hooks or ear fins to repair the earbuds on the ear. A lot of users love that, but others can enjoy a bit of security. The option is up to you. Here you might not take any extra mechanism to make sure the earbuds inside the ear.
Every bud is around 0.9 tall and 0.7 wide which shows they are average in shape. The Tozo T10 is the IPX8 certified water-resistant earbud. By far, those earbuds are the perfect water-resistant certified earbuds pair.
The producers also claim that it might withstand a full submersion meter for around 30 minutes. So you could simply take them through hot summer days or rain as they might not get damaged by a little rain and different powers. The IPX8’s certification even certifies that earbud towards the sand. Even if it falls mistakenly on the sand’s heap, you could even play it if you seek it again.

Charging case

The charging case’s length might be approximately 1.3 inches tall and 3.6 inches long. So if you put some coins one after another, that can be the charging case’s length. The case’s weight is not over double ounces, even if you place the earbuds inside it. You could simply put it into your pocket, and you might not see it at all. There is an easy analog button above the anterior side of the charging case.
By pushing it, the case can open with the pop sound. The hinge system and that button are simple and sturdy or might not ruin simply. However, the case’s look is mildly strange. There is labeling on each side and the case’s corner that makes it seem odd. You do not need that labeling as the left or right earbuds might be straightforwardly shaped to suit a specific zone into the case.
Like other charging cases for that kind of earbuds, there are a couple of small electrical ports which attach the buds through the case. That case assists the advances with wireless charging of Qi. Therefore, you might put the phone and the earbuds into the charging case with the charging pad that is wireless and make it get charged for one or double hours.

Bluetooth connectivity

That gadget assists Bluetooth 5 to connect it to the phone. It makes the gadget assist HFP and AVRCP. Therefore, you will get stereo sound through the calls. Combining the T10 with the smartphone is a single-phase procedure and can be finished in some seconds. You might even see if the earbuds’ battery is draining or not from the android, or Windows phone because of the Bluetooth 5.

Audio Quality

Even though the size distinction feels considerably less to you, it particularly affects the sound quality as well. When exercising or preparing yourself for the incoming sports event, you should grab motivation. Therefore, it might assist you if you heard about high-energy music.
Those Tozo T10 earbuds are produced accurately for that type of music. This bass’ efficiency is enhanced a lot, but it can not hamper the music’s quality via its treble range in a short time because of a well-developed bass. It is a popular mistake in athletic earbuds.
To customize the soundscape, and shift from various fields, you want to instruct it via the equalizer which is digital. However, the T10 can not get its equalizer software.

Microphone quality

The Tozo T10 earbuds might not offer additional focus on its microphones. That earbud is particularly produced for you to listen to a tune, and not take a call. The calling attributes are an afterthought. There is one dedicated microphone for every earbud of the T10. Getting double microphones might make a big potential for unexpected calling.
Double microphones could greatly remove noise for the wireless calls, but T10 can not enforce that task on the microphones.

Battery life

There is a tiny red light that can display when the earbuds are available to use. Once fully charged, the standby time of those earbuds is about double days. However, you are not anxious about it. It would support if you searched for the standby time of the charging case in which your earbuds are going to rest.
Apart from it, the charging case’s backup time is about double weeks and that can not make you frustrated. Every bud might last up to three hours without the case, and you might enlarge that period by 9 hours if you put it into the case from a day today. Even though the battery’s lifespan is up to how extensively you use them. If you adjust the volume to the highest and move with a long walk, then you might find out the earbud’s battery will be dead for double and a half hours.


The T10 is an in-ear headphone. It can not contain the ear-hook or wing-tips to guarantee it against the ears. The silicone ear-tips are going to be inside the ear as well. So seeking the unique size is all the more crucial there. Even if there is a tiny discrepancy in size, then it might lead to an issue for you. Therefore, the plant provides you with the T10 in various size choices from small to big.
Besides, a deeper and wider ear tip might suit appropriately inside the ear and offer you better noise cancellation. The typical ear-tips are even here for noise isolation, and the little huge size of buds assists as well. Thanks to three various size options, this T10 can suit a person’s ears if they purchase their ideal size. Selecting the medium size is a safe selection, as nearly 80% of individuals find the medium size to be unique.

Various specs of T10 earbuds

The Tozo T10 might not provide a warranty, but we are certain that you might not request it. Every earbud moves via some quality tests and could back you up with its service for a better period. You can obtain a USB-type charging cable along with the earbuds and charging case.
Besides, you could simply use them within 5 years if you put more care into using them. The earbuds’ life is up to how roughly you take them.

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Pros and Cons


  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • It is dustproof and water-resistant.
  • It has great sound quality


  • There are no equalizer system settings.

Reason purchase

Users enjoy getting an additional layer of security with their earbuds. This is why they fancy earbuds which get winged tips, so they can press deep with the ear bowl. Especially for exercising, you should seem light, relaxed, and focused.

On top of it, the Tozo T10 is specifically produced for that target. They suit quite ideally in the ear with their silicone ear-tips which you might not need the security hooks. If you control to purchase the ideal size of T10, then it can fit to the ear and not get tilted even during heavier exercises. The Tozo T10 comes with comfort at a reasonable price as well.

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, we expect that we can convey you an authentic T10 earbuds evaluation. In general, the T10 is a great value for money earbuds. It is manufactured for worry-free users. You could make your workout engaging and joyful with a combination of T10 at the time.