What is an indication that malicious is running on your system?

When a malicious code appears, your computer will have to face too many dangers. It can affect the performance, speed of the computer system. It means your work is affected, too. If you don’t solve it quickly, more serious consequences happen. To solve it, you must know signs about malicious code is running on your system. Following our article below and check if you are a victim of malicious inflection or not.

Typical indications

1. Slow computer

One of the easiest signs is the speed of your computer. When you start to turn on the computer, your operating systems, installed programs take a longer time to start up. You recognize that you have to wait to do your work. Data bandwidth is slow without clear reason. In this case, a virus or malicious code might be on your system.

But you need to check again before confirming. There are many different reasons that make computers run slowly, such as a lack of space on the hard drive…

2. Your programs open and close automatically

After installing programs, they might not be compatible to run. They open and close without your control. It is not difficult to handle. Uninstall that version of the program and find another version to install. If compatibility is not reason, you can conclude that the computer has a virus.

3. Lack of storage space

You don’t install many programs. Or your programs are not so big but your hard drive tends to be full. You can find some suspicious files on the hard drive that you don’t know and don’t download. All of these signs might show that a malicious virus is on your system.

4. Hard drive and modem activity is suspicious

You don’t run any program but the hard disk continues sending a warning that it is working excessively. Another sign is the external modem. If that modem is always lit, please check your system and scan the virus.

5. Undesired programs, toolbars, or websites pop up while running your computer

We believe, you sometimes recognize that some programs, websites pop up automatically. You don’t click on them. You don’t desire to open them. Or you click the mouse to access a website, another website appears in a small window in the screen corner.

Several times, on your screen, is the survey question. At this time, don’t answer them or click on an advertisement such as someone earned millions of dollars and she/he wants to share experience for you. Don’t be silly and curious to click them. Skip and close that window is what you need to do. They are irritating signs showing that your computer has malicious code.

6. Spam email

This sign is usually warned by other people. When your computer system has a virus, it sends spam emails to email accounts on your list or sends some suspicious links. Friends, colleagues receive them. These emails make them feel uncomfortable. They send a warning to you. You should check your system. Forgetting to log out of email or setting a weak password can be the reason for this circumstance.

In other cases, if you receive suspicious emails or links from other accounts in your list, don’t click them. If not, be sure that your system will have a virus.

7. Blue screen of death

This happens when we have a technical problem or your system is the victim of a malware inflection. You should check the system quickly and carefully. If a technical problem is skipped, we are sure that the virus is on your system. They make conflict among programs or programs with the hard drive. It leads to the crashes and a blue screen of death appears.

Final thought

You should remember the signs mentioned above to recognize your computer system’s problem. Scan malicious code frequently is the smart way to ensure your work, your business is safe. If you need more information about malware and the method to protect your system from them, please contact us and share your problem.

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